Drogon Atash Behram
Dragon of the Sacred Fire

Name : Drogon
Race : Fire Dragon
R.C.C : Fire Dragon Hatchling
Alignment : Good

18 15 19 27 20 20 25 80 120 400 5 50
Atk/m Parry Dodge Strike DMG
6 +5 +5 +6 +12

Armor Rating : Skin is a mega-damage substance that is impervious
to normal weapons. Magic, psionics, and mega-damage weapons
have full effect.

Natural Ability
Fly : 50 mph (80 km)
Night Vision : 90 ft (27.4m)
Bio-regen : 1D4 X 10 MD points/5mins.
See the invisble
Impervious to fire : no damage.
Size : size of a cat – own size
Duration : 10Hrs.
Teleport : 32%
Activation : At will
Range : 5 Miles
Fire Breath : 6D6 Mega-damage
Range : 60ft (18m)
Claw : 2D6 Mega-damage
Bite : 2D4 Mega-damage
Armor Bizarre Death Curse
Armor of Ithan
Circle of Flame
Energy Field
Fire Bolt
Fuel Flame
Psionic Abilities
Alter Aura
Increased Healing
Mind Block
Resist Fatigue
Sixth Sense
Summon Inner Strength

Source : http://spellandpsionics.wikia.com/wiki



Long time ago, there was a world called Zoroa a world where dragons are common folks before the evil dragons brought chaos to the planet, but the good dragons tried to stop them by diplomacy, but the evil dragons wanted a war.

The evil dragons was led by Ataran a black dragon who has a black fire, it is rare among dragon folk because only one can have it for a thousand years and it is called the sacred fire. But when he met Dadgah a gold dragon, he begun to stop the war. But the evil dragons that he led once never listened, instead they even made things worse, and because of the evil dragons, humans hunted down all dragons to extinction.

Not before they came.

Drogon is a fire dragon, son of Ataran and Dadgah. Ataran died defending Dadgah from the evil dragons because she was carrying his son. After laying the egg Dadgah died, the egg hass been possessed by a Great Magus, the Magus cursed the egg including a green and blue dragon egg a curse that will protect the eggs from the harm.

After thousands of years the three eggs have been stolen from its secret chamber and sold it for gold and has been possessed by the Doth’Raki clan they found it while they are battling with the Dragon Clan. After the fall of their leader Khal, their Khaleesy (Daenerys Stormborn) wife of the Khal removed the curse. People believe that all dragons have been extinct for many years ago, but after seeing the three dragon hatchling almost all of the nations tried to kill it. But they never did, and then a great wizard has summoned a dimensional warp to bring the dragons in to other dimension. Daenerys tried to stop the wizard and has been warped along with one dragon, Drogon the black fire dragon, a dragon that have a black fire.

By using his metamorphosis Drogon took the identity of Khal the former leader of the Doth’Raki and the lover of Daenerys, to hide his true form against the evils.

The TranformationComplete FormDrogon as Khal


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